Our Brutalist Series keyboards offer a distinct and minimal aesthetic with a top/burger mount system. While we’re excited about our upcoming Brutal v2 lineup, we will not stop offering our signature v1 lineup. The hobby has changed immensely since the Brutalist Series’ introduction in 2019, but our goal with this collection has not: In stock keyboards, beautifully anodized, at an affordable price.

vicious40 - 40% in-stock brutalist series keyboard by cannonkeys

Introducing Vicious40, our newest form factor in our classic Brutalist series keyboard. We’ve long wanted to offer a 40% keyboard, and we’re thrilled to offer these in-stock! The Vicious40 incorporates a blocker in the design, which we feel offers a fantastic balance of a fun aesthetic with great functionality.

vicious 40% brutalist keyboard blocker

Many of our in-stock keysets are 40s compatible, perfect to pair with Vicious. We appreciate the support from the 40s enthusiasts, and we’re looking forward to bringing more in-stock keysets with compatibility.

Coming Soon, Malicious Ergo

Another form factor we’re excited to share is the Malicious Ergo. We’ve long wanted to bring an Alice-style layout to the Brutalist line, and it’s almost here! Featuring a macro column and arrow cluster that makes this keyboard so easy to use for beginners and seasoned enthusiasts alike.

malicious alice brutalist series keyboard by cannonkeys featuring cc 9009 dark

More Brutalist Bundles!

As we continue to stock more form factors, and more switches and keysets, we'll share more bundle deals. Stay tuned for more soon!

July 22, 2022 — Jack Vachon