Zoom98 Keyboard

GB live 9:30 PM ET 11/13 to December 1st!


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Space Grey Info

Space Grey SE is anodized and only available with PVD Black Weight.

Introducing Zoom98

The largest yet - Featuring a Numpad

The Zoom98 by Meletrix is their latest installment in the Zoom Series of keyboards. This Zoom features per-key RGB and a layout that combines an 1800 and full-size keyboard, and comes with an LCD or Two-Key module by default! If you want to customize your board even more, there will be additional knob and badge modules available.

New to this round is the Anodized Space Grey!

This group buy is live until December 1st. The ETA is Q2 2024.

Addons Available

The Zoom Series is now available built with switches and stabilizers- all you need to do is add keycaps!

Make it Yours

With different modules, you can transform the Zoom98 to fit your personal needs! Available modules include the LCD, Knob, Badge, and Two Key modules.

Bonus Items for the Group Buy

Full Keyboard Details

Zoom98 SE/EE Contents - Starting at $205
  • Aluminum top & bottom case
  • External weight - choice of Aluminum or PVD SS
  • PCB - Choice of Tri-Mode with flex cuts, Tri-Mode without flex cuts, and Wired
  • 2.4G USB Receiver (Tri-Mode PCB Only)
  • Module - Tri-Mode PCB comes with LCD, Wired comes with Two-Key.
  • Daughterboard and JST Cable
  • Ribbon Cables (2)
  • Poron dampener kit
  • PC Plate
  • WS 3.1 Stabilizers (9x2u + 1x 6.25u)
  • Li-ion Battery (2) - 2250 mAh (Tri-Mode Only)
  • Coiled USB-C Cable
  • Silicone Feet
  • Screws and installation hardware
  • 98% Layout
  • Gasket Mount
  • 1000hz polling in 2.4GHz and wireless. 125hz polling in bluetooth.
  • Tri-Mode PCB - Available with or without flex cuts. Per-Key RGB. Multi layout hotswap.
  • Wired PCB - No flex cuts or RGB. Multi-layout hotswap.
  • 7.7° Typing angle
  • 22mm front height
  • Finish - EE is electrostatic coated, and SE is e-coated or anodized. Odyssey is anodized.
  • Tri-Mode is VIA compatible. Wired is QMK and VIA compatible.
  • EE/SE with Alu weight: 2.9kg
  • EE with SS weight: 3.3kg
  • SE with SS weight: 3.41kg
  • Internal SS weight (optional addon): .471kg
LCD Features
  • Typing speed animation
  • GPU, CPU temperature
  • Time & Date
  • Memos
  • Battery power display
  • Internet speed
  • Messaging sync (Discord, WeChat, and QQ)
  • Static image upload
  • Bluetooth match status
  • Fan speed display
  • Dynamic GIF images will be supported in about 3 months

Note, some of these features might require the use of a third party app in order to function properly. Dynamic GIF will function via an OTA app. LCD not compatible with wired PCB.

Multi Layout Hotswap

The included Tri-mode PCB includes support for multiple layouts and even includes per-key RGB!

Gasket Sleeve Mount

The gasket mount on the Zoom98 allows for a soft and bouncy typing experience. There is no adhesive on them so you can reuse the same gaskets on multiple plates.

WS 3.1 Stabilizers

These stabilizers are fantastic stock, and included with the Zoom98. Their design makes tuning them to your preference easy.

New Badges

The Zoom98 sale will have some new badges available! They are magnetic and easy to swap in and out to suit your aesthetic.

QC Disclaimer

Please see the QC Disclaimer PDF provided by Meletrix. This doc is applicable to Zoom98.

Group Buy Disclaimer

NOTE: This is a Group Buy, and Group Buy terms and conditions apply. The estimated date of delivery is just that - an estimate. Delays and setbacks may occur. Upon purchase, you will be charged immediately. And by purchasing this item, you acknowledge everything stated above. There are no refunds or cancellations for this order.  For more information, check out our FAQ.