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Wuque Mini Bear Switch Opener


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All aluminum switch openers from Wuque Studio!

Available in E-White, E-Yellow, Black, Red, Pink, Green

Each half has an MX style and a Kailh style opener, giving you a total of 2 openers per unit. The two halves are held together by magnets when not in use.

Please keep in mind both e-coating and anodization will wear off from the parts that come in contact with the switch, after repeated use.


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Works great

This little guy looks cute and works like a charm. Big fan

If you like the design, look no further.

Small, portable, doesn't take away function in any way. The magnets hold the two halves together well, but not so strong that you'll have any issue opening it. Switch bottom housing and stay seated comfortably if you're taking pictures of a deconstructed switch, have opened over 600 mx-switches and have yet to come across any issues. The anodization is still perfect despite how much I've abused it.

Top tier opener

Magnets are strong, your not there fiddling with it to close properly, super simple solid design

Enoch Ng
Well-built, does the job

Solidly constructed switch opener with a cute design. I've only opened MX-style switches with it so I cannot speak to the kailh side, but it's worked well for all the ones I've tried. Magnets are strong and the two halves fit together snugly. Probably opened switches about 250 times and there is no apparent wear on the anodization of my e-white coating yet. Comes with a pouch made with a velvet-like material but the texture is somewhat unpleasant. Still, it's appreciated and keeps the outer coating protected. It's a bonus, as far as I'm concerned.

Best switch opener I've tried, but trouble with some Kailh housings

Solid, compact, cute, and my go-to for most switches. I've owned three aluminum openers and one PLA due to those prior openers having some trouble with prying open certain switch brands and plastics. The Mini Bear pretty much always works the smoothest for MX-style housings. It can have trouble with some Kailh-style housings, but that also applies to every opener I own except for my smallest, cheapest (likely sharpest) one.