Wind Sin65 Keyboard

GB 9/19 - 10/19

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The Sin65 by Wind Studio is their latest keyboard, this time in 65%. The math inspired keyboard features a wavy weight and a unique esc key placement. The Sin65 supports both top mount and PCB gasket mount.

Group Buy live from September 19th to October 19th. ETA of Late Q1/Early Q2 2024.

Addons Available

Full Keyboard Details

In the Box
  • Top Case
  • Bottom Case
  • PCB
  • PC Plate
  • Alu Plate
  • Foam Kit
  • Weight
  • Hardware and accessories
  • Battery (If bluetooth PCB is purchased)
  • Semitransparent Acrylic, Anodized Black, Anodized Grey, Anodized Orange, E-Green, E-Off White
  • Wired Hotswap PCB, Wired Solder PCB, Wireless Hotswap
  • 7° typing angle
  • 1.6mm PCB available in wired solder, wired hotswap, and wireless hotswap
  • Plate is 1.5mm available in PC and Alu
  • 125Hz polling rate for wireless, 1000Hz polling rate for wired
  • Wired PCB supports VIAL, bluetooth PCB supports LDN

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