TTC Gold Pink Linear Switch


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TTC Gold Pink Linear Switch

Produced by TTC, these lovely light linear switches offer a pink stem, seated inside of a gold bottom housing and clear top housing. These are lightly factory lubed, making them incredibly smooth.

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• Switch Type - Linear
• Manufacturer - TTC
• Top Housing Material - Proprietary clear
• Bottom Housing Material - Proprietary gold
• Stem Material - Proprietary pink "box style"
• Spring Weight - 37g
• Mounting Pins - 3-pin
• Factory Lube - Yes

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Switch Pads

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Customer Reviews

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Conner Stern
Consistent Light Linears

As a beginner building my first Bakeneko, I really enjoyed these switches. My previous board was a Varmilo VB87MR that I got during the golden age of massdrop, and ran old Gateron Clears. I loved the weight of the switches, but didn't like the rattley-ness and inconsistency in the sound and actuation pressure of the switches. These switches were the only ones that I could find that hit my low-weight, premium feel requirement. I am currently running these without manual re-lubing, and love them. They are very consistent from switch to switch in all areas, and the factory lube holds up. They have a uniquely clackey sound signature which I really enjoy in my board, but that quality may throw you if higher-pitch frequencies aren't what you are looking for in a board. Very smooth and consistent, especially for the price point. Shipping and fulfilment was smooth and they arrived a day ahead of their initially projected arrival date. The only concrete minus is that LED lighting takes on a pale yellow color when it bounces off the colored bottom housing, and the crystal-clear top housing lacks diffusion so (especially on south-facing boards) LEDs will be brighter, less diffuse, and more noticable.

The switch aims to please a very specific target market: if you are looking for a ready-out-of-the-box, extra light, consistent, clackey & high-pitched switch at a mid to low price point I find TTC Gold Pinks to be a wonderful option.