Switch Containers



Containers for Switches and Keycaps

Available in two sizes, our switch containers are made from clear plastic with a latching lid. Perfect for switches, keycaps, or whatever else you have laying around! The branding is a removeable sticker that can be taken off should you wish to not have it there.

  • The small container can hold around 110 switches
  • The large container can hold around 160 switches

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Stephen Koellhoffer
Nice switch box, but skip the labels

Nice box. Beats the jelly jars I've been using for space efficiency due to the square sides. Reasonable price.
Only complaint, as noted by others, is the poor label placement and adhesion. Direct printing would be better, but they are easy to remove, and I am happy with no label. The included switch label is also low quality for the 6 boxes I bought; I recommend omitting then as they detract from nice clear boxes.

We're glad you're liking the switch containers! The label was made as a sticker so that folks can keep it on the container or remove it, depending on their preference.

Max Milewski
Small beats out competitors

Nice that the small size container holds 110 switches compared to competitors’ small size that only holds 90. That said, it feels like the pressure seal is a bit weaker compared to the containers from other brands. Doesn’t affect the functionality though.

Box style switches may not fit

I got the small size that says it will hold 110 switches. It will hold normal MX style stem switches fine but it will be tight for box style stems. In the photo I have 110 NK Creams that fit no problem on the left. In the middle are 110 Betty switches that I shook around and was able force shut. On the right is 110 EMTv2 switches and shows how much the top is propped open by the switches inside with no shaking to settle the switches.

Thanks for the detailed feedback! We will definitely be passing this along to the appropriate teams.


Wasn't very impressed with these. They're a much thinner plastic than most others I've seen and the seal is weak. Plus these don't have a silk screen logo nor are they blank, but instead have the labels just haphazardly slapped on a random spot, but they didn't bother to secure the company logo stickers so they're already peeled partially by the time they get to you. But thanks for the one random switch with no identifiers, I guess that's kinda... Something. Probably not gonna bother with anymore orders from cannonkeys after seeing this.

We're sorry you didn't enjoy the switch container and we thank you for your feedback. We made the labels as stickers intentionally so that customers can keep them or remove them.