Stacked60 Keyboard Kit

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The Stacked60 is a continuation of our Stacked series -- a line of stacked acrylic keyboard kits from CannonKeys! This board is designed out of 3mm thick layered acrylic pieces, and has a very distinctive acrylic case sound. 

This keyboard serves as an affordable entry point into the DIY keyboard hobby.

And, we also have a Build Guide to help you put this kit together!

Each one of these kits comes with:

  • 7 Layer Acrylic Keyboard Case
  • 4 Layers Acrylic Keyboard Feet
  • Clear bottom layer
  • Clear feet layers
  • 1.6mm FR4 plate
  • M2x15 Brass Standoff x 8
  • M2x6 Brass Standoff x 3
  • M2x6 Stainless Hex Screw x 22
  • 1 AN-Cv2 PCB

You will need a soldering iron, solder, and 1.5mm Hex Head Screwdriver to assemble this kit.

You will also need to purchase:

  • Switches
    • Up to 62 switches
  • Keycaps
    • Most standard kits should fit this formfactor. 
  • Stabilizers - up to 3x2U and a 6.25U or 7U
    • Left Shift, Enter, and Backspace all need a 2U stabilizer.
    • The spacebar will need a 6.25U or 7U stabilizer depending on your selected layout

Layout support: