SPV1 Keyboard



• SPV1 Aluminum Keyboard Case
• 2 Sandblasted Brass Weights
• Solder only PCB
• Silver Aluminum Plate
• CK Hard Carrying Case
• Hardware for assembly
• Microfiber Cloth
• Feet
• Authentication Card

Southpaw 96%? 1800? 75% with a numpad?

Designed by Bisoromi & Friends

Bisoromi is back with their next keyboard design! The SPV1 is a southpaw 75% with two brass weights, indicator LEDs, and a top mount design.

Available Addons

Layout Support


NA: CannonKeys
China & Rest of Asia: ClickClack 
Indonesia: Acid & Co
Australia: DailyClack
EU: MyKeyboard

Render & Photo Disclaimer

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Brass Material Disclaimer

When raw or thinly coated, brass will oxidize and patina naturally. Small blemishes and discolorations may be visible.

Quality Disclaimer

A Stock units should not have any external scratches or egregious marks seen when built. Any internal flaws and marks (including hook marks) that are not seen when built do not constitute a B Stock unit.

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