Southpaw 96%? 1800? 75% with a numpad?

Designed by Bisoromi & Friends

Bisoromi is back with their next keyboard design! The SPV1 is a southpaw 75%* with two brass weights, indicator LEDs, and a top mount design.

Starting at $420

*If you have a better layout name for this keyboard, please let us know in our discord.

Prototype Photos

Case colors and plate colors/materials are TBD. Let the designers know your thoughts on the prototype colors and plates in their interest check.

From the Designer


"After many years I'm excited to finally announce the SPV1, a Southpaw 75%! This was a joint effort between myself and [H] to create a practical and productive layout.

At the time of designing this back in 2018 there weren't any layouts like this so we decided to make our own with the help of
Gondolindrim for designing the PCB."

At a Glance

• 8° angle
• Top mount
• 2x 8mm brass reversible weights
• Aluminum case
• Numpad, mirrored numpad, or macropad options
• Fixed ANSI 7u WKL layout (will provide plate file)
• 10mm top/bottom bezels, 5mm side bezels
• Caps/num/scroll LED indicators
• 18.8mm front face height

Layout Support