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These are extras from the Prophet Group Buy. They are in stock. All sales are final.


A pin mount seamless 60% keyboard kit


  • A new mounting style called "pin mount"
    • There is no pressure from the top half of the case on the plate. There are 4 pins in the corners of the base that hold the plate in place and it rests on the lip of the base. The theory is that the lack of downward pressure allows the plate more freedom of movement towards the center whilst still retaining an even pressure around the edge of the board
  • 6° typing angle
  • QMK PCB designed by westfoxtrot with 7U Bottom Row
    • Other USB-C 60% PCBs are also supported
    • There is a known issue with this pcb, for the fix please visit the GeekHack thread.
  • Plates provided in the kit are ANSI Full PP
    • Exception: Any kit marked with an asterisk (*) will come with a Ansi Full PC plate. 
    • PP plate is white, PC is semi-transparent.
  • Tops available in HHKB, WKL, or WK.
  • Each keyboard comes with a carrying case.


  • Black
  • Dark Blue
  • E White
  • Other (combination)
    • Top color/Bottom color

B Stock units have minor defects ranging from small dents, scratches, and anodization blemishes. Units below B grade are not for sale.

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