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The Practice75 is a keyboard kit that contains almost everything you need to build your own keyboard from scratch - just add switches, stabilizers, and keycaps, and you'll be good to go! It's meant to be a great starting point for anyone to learn to solder or put their first keyboard together - this time in a 75% layout!

The Practice75 is powered by an STM32 onboard microcontroller running QMK with VIA compatibility out of the box. The PCB included supports RGB underglow and per-key single color LED backlighting with south facing LEDs, but you'll have to provide your own WS2812B strip or LEDs to enable them.

If you ever want to upgrade your Practice75 build, the plate/PCB assembly is compatible with Stacked75; no desoldering necessary! 

Each kit comes with:

  • 1 Obliterated75 PCB
  • 1 Practice75 FR4 Plate
  • 1 Practice75 FR4 Bottom
  • 16 M3 screws, 8 12mm M3 standoffs

You will need a soldering iron, solder, and M2.5 Hex Head Screwdriver to assemble this kit.

You will also need to purchase:

  • Switches
    • Up to 82 switches
  • Keycaps
    • Be sure to purchase a keycap set with a 1.75U Right Shift Key
  • Stabilizers - up to 3x2U and a 6.25U or 7U
    • Left Shift, Enter, and Backspace all need a 2U stabilizer.
    • The spacebar will need a 6.25U or 7U stabilizer depending on your selected layout

Layout support: