Mechjunkies Maze64 Keyboard Kit

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Mechjunkies Maze64 - 60% Keyboard Kit

We are pleased to be working with Mechjunkies to bring you the Maze64! 

This 60%, tray mount keyboard makes a strong case for the ideal compact keyboard. The Maze64 is affordably priced, and offers a sleek and minimal design without sacrificing features such as RGB support and a maze accent. 


  • Assembled or Unassembled: Unassembled
  • Typing angle: 6 degrees
  • Front height: 20mm
  • Case material: Aluminum
  • Mounting structure: Tray mount
  • Unassembled weight: 0.83kg
  • Size: 29.6x11.3x2.95cm


  • White
  • Black

PCB specs:

  • Wired hotswap PCB with ANSI layout
  • Via support
  • Supports PCB mounted stabilizers
  • 6.25u spacebar

Note: You will need to sideload a JSON into via for compatibility. Here is a guide on sideloading a JSON in VIA.

      What's included:

      • Maze64 aluminum case
      • Aluminum plate
      • Wired hotswap PCB
      • Custom carrying case
      • Screws and rubber feet
      Check out the user manual