Malicious Ergo PCB



• Form Factor - Ergo
• USB Port - Yes, USB-C
• QMK/VIA Compatibility - Yes, pre-flashed
• Solder or Hotswap - Solder
• Works In - Malicious Ergo
• RGB/LED - Compatible with single color per-key LEDs. These are not included.

Layout Support

Customer Reviews

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Kenneth Cuevas
Terrible PCB

I wrote a review on the Malicious Ergo as the best Alice layout board. But after dealing with the PCB issues i would take that back. It has has so many issues that it would just be too long for me to write here. But the dealbreaker was that I had issues with my L key and suddenly it started working normally. And when that happened my control, shift, caps lock, tab, ` Stopped working and i even tried to remove the solder. And tested it on JSON and it says that they were all being pressed down.

But the worst part is, after reaching out to the cannon keys team I provided 2 minute long videos explaining my issues and I was certainly ignored. They would reply 3-5 days later per every little response and I felt my time being disrespected. So I will purchase this PCB and never buy from this company again.

We're sorry to hear about your poor experience with us and this PCB. After reviewing your ticket again, we noticed the likely cause of the shorting issues, and we sent a reply to your ticket with more information.

Board seems to break down somehow

This is my second board where the bottom row develops a problem and triggers the entire column. First time could've reasonably been my fault. Second time, it just started happening. No noticeable shorts on the PCB.

We're so sorry to hear about your poor experience with this PCB. Please submit a ticket to us by using the 'Contact Us' widget in the bottom right corner of our website, and we can look into this further with you.