KAT Mizu

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Buy one base kit and get a free Inuktitut kit or RAMA. Discount applied automatically at checkout!

Kitting Info
  • Base Kits come with an alpha kit and 60/TKL mod kit. These cover most 60%, 65%, 75%, and TKL keyboards!

Mizu is back, this time in KAT profile doubleshot PBT!

Renders (right) and doubleshot production models (left) shown side by side. Scroll through for comparison.

We've heard all your feedback, and know you've all been waiting for this - KAT Mizu is here! Inspired by water (Mizu is water in Japanese), this set features the normal Mizu colors from previous sets.

We're also happy to feature three aluminum RAMA Caps for this KAT set
One has a glow in the dark fill, the second has an e-white enamel finish, and the third has a red anodized finish.

You will need an alpha kit and mod kit to cover a board - be sure you grab both! For a fullsize or 1800CP board, you will also need the numpad kit. Novelty 2.25u and 2.75u spacebars (convex) will be included in novelty kits.

Customer Reviews

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Beautiful key caps!


Worth the wait


The keycaps are awesome! Arrived as expected.

Pedro Rodrigues
Best Keycap set ever

Despite the steep price, this keycap set has grabbed the eank of the most beautiful set on my collection. Kat profile feels great, tall and easier to hit than Mt3 or Ksa. You can feel the quality of the keycaps on your fingertips, they are very pleasant to touch.

Purchased the full moon Alphas, TKL mods and Novelties sets. Will not be purchasing any new keycap sets anytime soon, but I for sure do not regreat the investment in this one.

Finally got them!! Wish novelties has an R1 though.

I guess I missed that the 4 2.5U novelties were all R2. A bit disappointed in that since the pictures show it being used as shift which is an R1 row. Can't tell if this was a mistake or intended :/