Ikki68 Aurora x PnC


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The Ikki68 Aurora x PnC is here!

We are pleased to be working with wuque.studio and Rensuya to bring you the Ikki68 Aurora x Peaches n Cream!

The Ikki68 Aurora is an affordable, injection molded, polycarbonate case, gasket-mount keyboard kit from Wuque Studio, the people behind Ikki68, OA Switches and more! This limited edition keyboard was created with the designer Rensuya, who artfully applied the creamy palette of the Peaches n Cream keycaps to the Ikki68 Aurora.

The Aurora uses a variable gasket structure where you can choose how many mounting points to use in order to adjust the amount of bounce / firmness to your liking.


Addons include PCBs, Plates, Weights, Cases, Gaskets, and Recolored OA Stabilizers



  • Injection Molded Polycarbonate Case
  • Frosted Case Finish
  • 800g Weight Unbuilt (1120g Built)
  • 6.5 Degree Typing Angle
  • Gasket Mounting
  • Hotswap PCB


  • Peaches n Cream Colorway

*Note: Aurora x PnC and GMK PnC Lite will be color matched to the same Pantone chips. However, since they're being matched by different sets of people and they're being produced at separate factories, there may be slight variation in final colors for the two. Wuque Studios will do their best to match as close to the Pantone chips as possible. Additionally, the badge color will be matched as closely as possible, but will be different from the Fusion Coral accent colors in GMK PnC Lite. The badge is made in Aluminum, which has different reflective properties than plastic, and even a close color match will look different depending on lighting. 

What's included:

  • (1) Ikki68 Aurora x PnC Case
  • (1) Multi-layout Hot Swap QMK PCB (Fairbanks)
  • (1) Hotswap Namebadge Set
  • (1) Aluminum Plate
  • (1) Silicone Dampening Pad between PCB and Case
  • (1) Silicone Dampening Pad between Plate and PCB
  • (1) Silicone Gaskets
  • (1) Poron Gaskets
  • (1) Dark Grey Padded Storage Case
  • (1) Coiled USB A to USB C Cable
  • (1) PnC Themed Stabilizer set (6x 2u, 1x 6.125)
  • Hex Screwdriver
  • Spare screws, diodes, sockets, and rubber feet

For more information on Ikki68 Aurora x PnC, and links to international vendors, check out the Informational Page.

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