GMK Beige/WoB uwu Macro Add-on Kit


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Because boomers can be weebs too.

This meme inspired Macro add-on kit is the creation of designers Qarmaa and Of Sam

The GMK Beige/White on Black (WoB) uwu Macro Add-on Kit, is the creation of designer Qarmaa. The 24 piece kit includes two R1-R5 keycaps in two colors: Beige (CR legends on U9 caps) and WoB (WS1 legends on CR caps). Mix and match with your favorite GMK sets, or uwu out your keyboard, we support you either way.

Keycap Info
  • Made by GMK
  • Doubleshot ABS
  • Kits
    • Macro Add-on Kit
    Artisan Info
    • None

    Customer Reviews

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    Mike Oxlong
    Life Changing Product

    This product truly changed my experience with mechanical keyboards. For just the price of 50 dollars I can embrace my inner anime weeb and officially uwu wherever I want. This is the perfect keycap set. I will be buying more so that I can make my entire keyboard uwu. This completely changed my perspective on keyboards and opened my eyes to the real weeb power.