MW Voynich



Uncover the mysteries of MW Voynich.

These are in stock extras from the GB.

Designed by dededecline, this set brings the elegant and mysterious Voynich Manuscript to your keyboard! The creamy alphas are legended with Voynichese, for a stunning interpretation of the centuries old document.

Complete the look with the several novelty kit and artisan cap offerings that feature illustrations from the manuscript! 

Keycap Info
  • Milky Way
  • Dyesub PBT
  • Kits
    • Voynich Sublegend Alphas
    • Voynich Monolegend Alphas
    • Icon Mods
    • Voynich Mods
    • Novelty Mods
    • Spacebars
    • Novelty Spacebars
    • Numpad

    Artisan Info


    • R1 Esc
    • Aluminum
    • Triple color infill

    Asero Foundry Cap

    • R2
    • Brass


    We are also offering two matching deskmats that can be viewed by clicking the image below!

    Voynich Deskmats

    With MW set group buys, renders are shown to give a sense of what the final product will look like. The end product may differ slightly in color from the renders that you see. By purchasing this product, you acknowledge that there may be differences between the renders and final products.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 6 reviews
      Bree E
      Beautiful keycaps

      MW did it again. Beautiful caps based on the mysterious Voynich Manuscript.

      Beautiful set

      Great set, big fan of the concept as a historian, excellent quality, thick af, solid legends throughout, and beautiful novelties. Def recommend.

      Very Happy With The Set, But Some Things To Note

      I am very pleased with the keycaps color and overall appearance. However, it is worth noting for people who may be interested in purchasing this set that the keycaps scratch or show signs of use extremely easily (running your finger nail gently over the spacebar will create a permanent mark on the keycap). Also the Voynich Icon Mod set I had received from the initial group buy was shipped with a warped backspace (CK has great customer support and was able to get things sorted out). Overall as stated before I am a huge fan of this set and would definitely recommend it to a friend or anyone looking to purchase it.

      (Picture shown is Burgundy Frog TKL on a Mizu Koi deskmat)

      Asa Kleiman
      Yeah, I like these

      Should have gotten the Voynich alphas instead of sublegends, hopefully there will be extras. More yellow than parchment like in the pictures; kind of like a pre-aged beige? I don't dislike it but the parchment color is better. Handwritten Latin alphas instead of standard typeface and a more parchmenty color would have been 5/5.

      Mashiro Akutagawa
      Delayed quite a bit but build ok

      Build quality is good, I wish the patterns can be a bit less repetitive but at least they cover and include most keycap sizes and height profiles. Was delayed for quite sometime and as an result finished building the keyboard a few months later than expected. Not particularly an issue with multiple keyboard but I still wish we have regular buy and fulfill model instead of having to go for pre-order/group buy for small batch small batch manufacturing.