MDA Future Suzuri



Type into the future with MDA Future Suzuri

From designer monksoffunk:

"Calligraphy, which was brought to Japan from China along with Kanji characters, is not only a method of recording and weaving eternal history and literary works, but also an art form in itself and an embodiment of Zen. The world painted with a pitch-black SUZURI inkstone and ink is a minimalistic yet meaningful representation of the spirit of Zen."

Keycap Info

  • Manufactured by MelGeek
  • MDA Profile
  • Icon Designer: draonekj
  • Dyesub PBT
  • Set Designer: monksoffunk
  • Available with and without legends


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With keyset group buys, renders are shown to give a sense of what the final product will look like. The end product may differ slightly in color from the renders that you see. By purchasing this product, you acknowledge that there may be differences between the renders and final products.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Sean Mull
    Great set!

    Love the colorway. Came out exactly how I was expecting it to from the mockups.

    Vincent Young

    [GB] MDA Future Suzuri