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Type into the future with MDA Future Suzuri

From designer monksoffunk:

"Calligraphy, which was brought to Japan from China along with Kanji characters, is not only a method of recording and weaving eternal history and literary works, but also an art form in itself and an embodiment of Zen. The world painted with a pitch-black SUZURI inkstone and ink is a minimalistic yet meaningful representation of the spirit of Zen."

Keycap Info

  • Manufactured by MelGeek
  • MDA Profile
  • Icon Designer: draonekj
  • Dyesub PBT
  • Set Designer: monksoffunk
  • Available with and without legends

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The set will run from December 28th to January 28th 11:59 PM EDT.

This set is estimated to ship in Q4 of 2022.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Sean Mull
    Great set!

    Love the colorway. Came out exactly how I was expecting it to from the mockups.

    Vincent Young

    [GB] MDA Future Suzuri