KAT Explosion



Kat Explosion

These are extras from the Kat Explosion group buy. All sales of this keyset are final. Explosion Deskmats extras can be found here.

Renders (left) and doubleshot production models (right) shown side by side. Scroll through for comparison.

Inspired by an Explosive Magician, Rensuya brings us KAT Explosion!

Our design partner Rensuya is back yet again, with a new explosive keycap set! Inspired by a mage character who deals with fire and explosions, we're happy to bring you KAT Explosion.  We're also happy to feature two RAMA Caps for this KAT set!

You will need an alpha kit and mod kit to cover a board - be sure you grab both! For a fullsize or 1800CP board, you will also need the numpad kit.


Customer Reviews

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Alexander Toro
So worth

2 years wait but it’s finally here and it’s nice :)

Perfect Coloring

I haven’t installed the caps to get a feel for the profile just yet since I’m waiting on a new base, but the colors are absolutely perfect and I’m glad that the choice was made to convert them into double-shot Overall, it’s a beautiful set. I’ll update with a pic if/when I can.