Sm1th and Run3 Ir0n One Six Five Keyboard

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CannonKeys is pleased to offer the IR0N165 keyboard, by designers Smith+Rune. 


A few words from the designers:

After almost a year in research and development, we are excited to present the IR0N165 by Smith + Rune. Rather than drawing inspiration from things outside our community, we focused on the incredible designs the community itself has created over the years. The IRN165 aims to be a distillation of these positive innovations, included in one premium board.


  • 7 Degree Typing Angle
  • Full Gasket Isolation Mount
  • Low-profile Front Height (less than 17mm)
  • Seamless Design
  • USB-C daughterboard, centered (designed by ai03 and friends)
  • Plate Optimized for consistency on every key press (Choice of 6.25U or 7U)
  • PCB compatible with QMK, and hopefully VIA support (designed by Upas of CannonKeys)
  • Aluminum base, anodized
  • Large brass weight, satin finish, clear-coated
  • Aluminum top shell, anodized
  • Aluminum blocker badge, anodized
  • Brass plate, satin finish, clear-coated
  • Accented colors (top shell will be one color, badge and base will be another)
  • Custom hard carrying case


  • Plum with Black base and badge
  • Navy with Silver base and badge
  • Graphite with Silver base and badge