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Cypher FRL Compact 1800

GB August 19th - September 9th

[Cypher R4] Cypher FRL Compact 1800 Keyboard


Alu Plate Color
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Cypher FRL Compact 1800

Back for it's fourth round, Cypher by Cable Car Designs is a highly regarded yet simply designed FRL Compact 1800. The light weight build combined with the unique but useable layout make this a fantastic board for those who work on the go.

GB August 19th - September 9th

Estimated Date of Delivery: Please refer to our Project Updates page for the most up to date information.

Addons and Extras


Aluminum plates are available in all case colors (except e-white, which is replaced with silver). Also available are CF, FR4, and PC plates. All plates are ANSI.

Carrying Case

A carrying case is included, however we are offering custom foam carrying cases for those who bought in previous rounds and would like a custom case.


Poron plate foam and PE PCB foam available as addons. Extra feet are also available.


Extra QMK/VIA compatible solder PCB.

At a Glance

Cypher uses a top mount and full aluminum case to achieve a classic and beloved sound and feel. The low front height of under 17mm also allow for a very comfortable typing experience.

The colors being offered are Black, E-White, Burgundy, Forest Green, Pastel Purple.

The GB is not unlimited, but has an extremely high cap.

Included in the Kit

• Cypher FRL Compact 1800 Aluminum Case
• Case color or silver aluminum plate (E-White case gets silver plate)
• Solder PCB
• Feet
• Hardware
• Custom hard carrying case

PCB and Plate Layout

Plate Support