CannonKeys Switch Tripods



Customize the sound of your switches!

CannonKeys Switch Tripods are designed to deepen the sound profile of your switches without a mushy typing feel. Available in two hardnesses to let you customize the sound even more!

  • 150 ct per pack
  • Easy to install - Simply peel each tripod from the clear backing and adhere to the bottom of the switch or directly on the PCB!
  • Material 
    • Poron: 83 shore, 00 hardness (medium-soft)
    • Poron: 35 shore, A hardness (soft)

Customer Reviews

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Possibly affects sound?

I couldn't tell a huge sound difference between this and without. But I will say this - I mill-maxxed my REKT1800 pcb, and because it's the less expensive Mill Max sockets, the switches don't sit flush on the pcb. It sits up just a smidge. So installing these fills that gap a little bit, which I am definitely about. Because filling gaps typically helps with a tighter, less hollow sound. I can't tell perfectly from my ear, but they are mad inexpensive so worth exploring! Plus, in custom keyboards, you can not have too many sticky, foamy pieces laying around HA. I'm sure Keybored will come up for some wild gasket mount mod with a piece like this haha.