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CannonKeys Meetup 2023

September 9th 2023 11AM - 6PM

We are extremely excited to be hosting our second in person meetup this September at The Guild: Pawtucket! There will be keyboards, beer, and plenty of things to buy from us and the other vendors attending!

After purchasing your tickets, you will receive a follow up email from us with a google form to fill out with your details. You may purchase multiple tickets at once.


The Ticket

Purchasing a ticket gets you the following:

  • Access to the meetup from 11AM - 6PM on September 9th
  • Our panels (details TBD)
  • Swag Bag
  • FCFS space for 2 keyboards
The Panels
  • Keycap Designer Panelists - Andromache, OCM, Dededecline, Grundlemere, and Beesley.
  • Vendors Panelists - Mode, 1up, CannonKeys, Kinetic Labs, Omnitype, and Keebio.
  • Vendors - The list above plus GMK and Ringer Keys.
The Goods

Each ticket will get you a swag bag. While we aren't disclosing the details yet, we are very excited to put them all together for you all! On top of the swag bag, we will be bringing a ton of goodies to sell in person.

If you purchase a ticket and are no longer able to make it, please let our team know by using the 'Contact Us' widget found in the bottom right of this page.