Aurora Series WS Stabilizers


PCB Thickness

These are Wuque Studio Stabilizers recolored to match with the Ikki68 Aurora Round 2!


These are PCB mount, screw in stabilizers, and are designed to minimize the rattle as much as possible. The wires clip into the housing and fit into the sliders very snugly. As a result the wires are also less prone to popping out when changing keycaps.


  • The housing design makes it very difficult for wires to pop out since they're installed from the bottom.
  • There are ribs inside the housing to minimize lube from sticking to the stem, causing them to feel sluggish.
  • Comes with PCB mounting pads and Teflon adhesive strips already cut to size to make hole modding easier.

Standard Colors are available in 4 packs:

  • (7) 2u Stabilizers, (1) 6.25u Stabilizer, (1) 7u WIRE ONLY
  • (4) 2u Stabilizers, (1) 6.25u Stabilizer, (1) 7u WIRE ONLY
  • (1) 2u Stabilizer
  • (1) 7u Stabilizer

Winter Breath and Zen Pond are available in 3 packs:

  • (4) 2u Stabilizers, (1) 6.25u Stabilizer, (1) 7u WIRE ONLY
  • (1) 2u Stabilizer
  • (1) 7u Stabilizer 

1.6mm: The 1.6mm version is for the traditional keyboard PCBs. This version fits with most of the keyboard PCBs in the market. Most other stabilizers in the market are also made for 1.6mm PCBs.

1.2mm: 1.2 mm ones are not compatible with traditional 1.6mm PCBs. In the following case, we recommend you to choose 1.2 mm

  • Using Bodo and/or Iceland for Aurora.
  • Using a 1.2mm PCB for another keyboard.

*Winter Breath and Zend Pond are compatible with 1.2mm PCBs only.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
These are the best Stabs hands down

These might be a pain to find but are hands down the best Stabs for the money. They are the most complete kit you're going to find. The Stabs come with teflon adhesive strips to affix to the inside of the stabs giving you options to modify without needing to cut bandaids or tape. Honestly of the six or so sets I've tried these are hands down the best. I would buy these before anything else in the future.

Innovative housing

I've used 3 sets of these stabs so far and really like how the wires pop in from underneath the housing to prevent wire pop out. Each kit includes precut strips to holee mod, which makes tuning these stabs pretty easy. Just used 205g0 on the housing/stem and some dielectric grease on the wires with the included holee mod strips and you're good to go. I don't use the stabilizer pads as they make the bottom out feel mushy.

ws stabilizers

i liked that they matched the case but they were kinda annoying to tune

Aurora WS stabilizers 1.2 mm

Got these for the ikki 68, they work fine but I generally do not use the holee mod which may have caused mine to be harder to tune.

Wonderful options, not so great install experience

Purchased for a build that wasn't an Ikki68. The inclusion of PCB stickers and pre-cut teflon strips was awesome. I ended up using both with great results.
Installing the wires in these things was a nightmare though. I don't really see a reason for the wire to be installed from the bottom - the notch that holds the wire into each housing is so tight that there's no way the wire could slip out if it wanted to. Those two things together made for a lube + install process that was way more awkward, messy, and painful for my fingers than any other stabs I've used (which all have the wire clip in from the top and have no issues with it popping out).
They do the job well once you get them installed, but I won't buy them again.