AK75 Keyboard


Art at Your Fingertips

from artkey universe - collaboration with akb & cannonkeys

Known for their artisans, Artkey Universe team is excited to bring you their first keyboard- the AK75! Artkey worked closely with AKB to ensure their vision was cast upon a premium and unique chassis, while staying true to their own artistic motifs.

Planned GB start in Q2. Pricing is TBD, expected to be around $400.

AK75 Details

Keyboard Specs
  • 8° typing angle
  • Full 6063 aluminum construction
  • 5052 aluminum plate (default)
  • Per-key RGB Solder or Hotswap PCB, QMK and VIA-compatible PCBs designed by Mechlovin
  • 19mm effective front height
  • Dimensions: 325mm x 139.3mm x 36mm
  • Weight: Approx. 1.9kg built
Exclusive Artkey Resin

We are planning to have several special resin offerings during the GB. Stay tuned for more info!

AK75 Features