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Stainless Steel Single and Three-Stage Switch Springs By Wuque Studio

We are happy to offer these longer and classic length switch springs from Wuque Studio in several different spring weights. If you're looking for a higher starting weight, with a rapid rate of increase throughout the key-press, these are for you!


  • Stainless steel
  • CL635/CL1000: Single-stage, TL635/TL53: Three-stage 
  • Linear downward force curve compared to a normal MX spring
  • Quicker stem return
  • Multiple weights and lengths
    • CL635: 63.5g classic length
    • CL1000: 100g classic length
    • TL635: 63.5g  triple stage
    • TL53: 53g triple stage
  • Packs of 110