Ripple TKL Extra Addons



Ripple TKL Addons

Extra Addons for the Ripple TKL keyboard GB. Please note, a build requires 20 plate mod foams or 10 O-Rings, and 10 case mod foams.

Foam Dampening Kit

  • PCB Foam (PE)
  • Plate Foam (PORON)
  • Case Foam (PORON)

Plate Mod Kit

  • Set of 20 Foams

    *Can be used in place of Plate O-Rings.

    Top Case Mod Kit

    • Set of 40 Foams
    • Materials
      • PORON (10)
      • PE (10)
      • EVA (10)
      • Silicone (10)

    *Final production units may vary from the provided image.

    Plate O-Rings 

    • Set of 10 O-Rings
    • Silicone
    • Available Durometers (Hardness - lower number is softer) 
      • 30A
      • 50A
      • 70A

    *Can be used in place of plate mod foams. O-Rings may be a different color from the image shown.

    Custom Feet

    • Silicone
    • Bumpon Compatible

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    The ETA for this group buy is Q4 2023.

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