GMK Peaches n Cream Lite



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Peaches n Cream Lite is here. 

Rensuya is back with Peaches n Cream Lite. The creamy hue of the base kit is punctuated with a dash of color. In contrast, the Peachy Keen is all peach and we can't take our eyes off of it. 

Keycap Info
  • Made by GMK
  • Doubleshot ABS
  • Kits
    • Base Kit
    • Peachy Keen Kit
    • Numbers Kit
    • Novelties Kit
    • Extension Kit
    • Accents Kit
    Artisan Info
    • RAMA
    • Aluminum
      • Leaf
        • Anodized / Enamel Filled
      • Peach
        • Anodized / Enamel Filled
    • Esc Row

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    Customer Reviews

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    Pretty but bad

    Waited two years to get it and the keys don’t fit. The space bars that should fit fall doesn’t fit and keeps falling oof. Some of them are right and will pull the switch off with the key cap and some are loose and come off super easy.

    We're sorry to hear about your poor experience with your new keycaps. Please feel free to reach out to us via the 'Contact Us' widget in the bottom right corner of our website and we will try our best to assist you with the caps that are having issues.