PBT Ortho Symbology Keycaps

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Designed by OneCreativeMind (OCM), we're offering a new Black on White (BoW) Ortho Keycap Set we're calling PBT Ortho Symbology. 

OCM designed some symbolic legends so that any ortholinear keyboard user could use this set without worrying about having the "proper" legends. They're symbols! They're abstract and you can assign your own meaning to them.

They're in a new profile we're introducing called SeMi Profile. These are similar to Cherry profile, but a bit taller. Their height is somewhere betwen Cherry and OEM. If you want to see a comparison, check out these photos that OCM took!

These PBT keycaps are 1.5mm thick, and the legends have been dyesubbed. Some minor warping may be present, but the set looks fantastic! These are In-Stock and Ready to Ship!