KAT Atlantis



Kat Atlantis

These are extras from the Kat Atlantis group buy. All sales of this keyset are final. Atlantis Deskmat extras can be found here.

Renders (left) and doubleshot production models (right) shown side by side. Scroll through for comparison.

The Lost City set is here - we're happy to introduce KAT Atlantis!

Our design partner Rensuya is back again, with a new keycap set for all of us to enjoy! Inspired by the fabled undersea city of Atlantis, we're happy to bring you KAT Atlantis.  We're also happy to feature a RAMA Cap for this KAT set!

Note: A very small amount of sets were unlabeled from the factory and had to be opened to confirm what the kit was. These sets will come opened but untouched otherwise.

Colors in the final product may vary since renders are done under idealistic artificial lighting.

We use photos of our products in hand when possible to show how they look in realistic situations. Sometimes the product might look different within the same listing- this is generally caused by different lighting conditions. When possible, we try to use different lighting conditions to show what the product might look like in different scenarios.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mikhail Evtushenko

I could not be happier. The quality, the color, the theme, it's all just perfect! Double-shot is just superior to dye-sub, legends are super crisp, colors are vibrant. The caps are nice to the touch as well, smoother than other PBT but of course not as glossy as ABS. Beautiful art on the Creature kit, and Greek alphas... omg, big fan now!
Kitting is superb as well! Those two keebs on the pictures use the same single Ergo kit with all but one keycap of a proper profile.
All and all, 3+ years since I joined the GB. But hey, if anything, this hobby trains patience like no other, lol!
Many thanks to Cannon Keys for safely storing my order while I had my irl issues (big ups Harry!)

Beautiful Keycap Set

These keycaps fit in perfectly on my Parallel Array with Seal Switches (also Cannonkeys Product)

Alexander Rogachev

Amazing set, definitely was worth waiting

First time trying KAT profile, I like it.

I purchased KAT Atlantis in the Alternate colorway and in Greek. I was particularly excited about the Greek alphas, since they’re extremely rare in this hobby, and I’m learning Greek on Duolingo.

The profile is comfortable and the legends are clear. The keycaps are beautiful, I’m very happy with the purchase.