Holee Mod Kit



Holee Mod Kit for Stabilizers

This sheet of poron strips are excellent for holee modding your stabilizers! 1 sheet of 24 strips per order- enough for 12 stabilizers.

Customer Reviews

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Ben Burdet
Bad Adhesive

Bought these a while ago, and just tried to use them. They are the perfect size and material for modding your stabs for the holee mod. The strips adhered initially, but after an hour or so they came right up. Super annoying to have to disassemble everything just to remove them. These would be fantastic if they were functional, but don't waste your money until Cannon Keys changes the adhesive they use.

Hot Garbage

Girl that adhesive is barely even there. Like the moment you put it on the stem, it comes up. I waited like an hour to see if the adhesive came up on the stems, and sure enough they did.

We're sorry to hear about your poor experience with this kit! Please note that in order to ensure proper adhesion, the stabilizer needs to be clean of any oil or lube. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to us via the 'Contact Us' widget on the bottom corner of our website.

Poor Adhesive

I bought a few sheets of these to try out hoping it would save me from cutting up a million bainaids, but I was really disappointed. The adhesive on these just aren’t strong enough for them to be used. I applied them to two different stabs (Cherry clip-ins and Durock plate mount) and within minutes they were coming up. I took them off, cleaned the stems again, got a new sheet of the mods, and tried again with the same result.

I would love for these to work, but as they are right now they’re useless. Super bummed about it. :(