GMK Shanshui



GMK Shanshui

These are extras from the GMK Shanshui group buy. All sales of this keyset are final. Shanshui Deskmats extras can be found here.

Bringing Chinese characters to GMK keycaps.

From designers grundlemere and NathanAlphaMan comes GMK Shanshui! Featuring the classic White on Black colorway, GMK's WS1 on CR - this set brings Chinese characters to GMK keycaps for the first time. Base kits are offered in either Simplified or Traditional Chinese characters, with mods in Chinese and sublegend alphas in the Cangjie input system, named for the legendary creator of the written Chinese language.

A Cangjie monolegend alphas kit can be paired with your favorite WS1 and CR sets, such as GMK White on Black or GMK Minimal, or if purchased with one of the base kits, is generously kitted to cover two boards!

And this set wouldn't be complete without the Shanshui novelty kit! Inspired by the sights and culture of the Li River near Guilin, China, this kit includes novelties of the fishing cormorant, phoenix tail bamboo, Li River landscapes under moonlight, and other iconic images to complete the theme of your board. As Guilin people say of their land nestled within the world-famous South China Karst, it's the best scenery under heaven.

Keycap Info
  • Made by GMK
  • Doubleshot ABS
  • Kits
    • Simplified Chinese Base Kit
    • Traditional Chinese Base Kit
    • Cangjie Monolegend Alphas Kit
    • Novelties Kit
    • Spacebars Kit
    Artisan Info
    • RAMA
      • Shan
        • Black Aluminum
        • White Enamel filled
      • Shui
        • E-White Aluminum
        • Black Enamel filled
      • Chop
        • Black PVD Brass
        • Red Enamel filled
    • Esc Row

    With GMK set group buys, renders are shown to give a sense of what the final product will look like. The end product may differ slightly in color from the renders that you see. By purchasing this product, you acknowledge that there may be differences between the renders and final products.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 2 reviews
    Beautiful and elegant set

    I ordered the canjie alphas and haven't been so in love with keycap legends since. They're super sharp in print quality - highly recommended!!

    Thank you for bringing Cangjie to GMK

    Purchased: Traditional Set
    Delivery: 5
    Design: 4
    Price: 3

    I first came across GMK Shanshui from grundlemere's geekhack post. To be honest I'm pretty meh about WoB and BoW sets, especially at $180. but hearing his story to bring cangjie to GMK, I decided to buy it to support him.

    The keycaps are packaged in a lovely shanshui painting. Upon pulling out the tray, I was kind of disappointed by the packaging - I've heard this is an improvement from previous GMK trays however. The colors were as bold as I imagined, and the alphas look wonderful. As a Chinese speaker and reader, I felt uneasy with how much text was crammed in the modifiers, and to be fair, it's pretty much like how the render shows it. But it makes it super difficult to read in person, as some characters got condensed, lost parts of strokes etc., . Anywho. I'm still very happy with the purchase and just glad to support a noble designer.