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A Penguin Themed 65% Keyboard

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Kitting Information

Each Gentoo Keyboard will come pre kitted with the following items:

  • Black aluminum plate
  • Weight set of your choice
    • PVD Weights are +$100
  • PCB, USB-C Daughterboard, and JST cable
    • Choice of Hotswap (+$10) or Solder
  • Gaskets and all mounting hardware
  • Case foam and plate foam
  • Custom Hard Carrying Case

From the Designer, Abec13:

"The Gentoo is a penguin themed, 65% keyboard that is a clear successor to my previously released board, The Adélie. With The Adelie paying homage to my favorite types of boards, sub 60's, it excluded the number row. For some, this was a deal breaker and I can't say that I blame them.

"Gentoo" is the name of a different species of penguin and as the name of this board works two fold: not only is this board the "Gen 2" of its predecessor, the Gentoo penguin, as you can see here, is a slightly larger penguin than the Adélie which I find aptly describes the relation between this board and the last."


  • 65% CNC aluminum with brass weights
  • Black aluminum plate
  • 6 Degree typing angle
  • Full Gasket Isolation Mount
  • Unique, rounded design
  • QMK/VIA compatible PCB
  • Unified C3 USB-C daughterboard


    • E-White
    • Navy
    • Forest Green
    • Black

    Weight Sets:

    • Sand Blasted Brass (Coated)
    • PVD Silver (Nickle Plated, +$100)
    • PVD Graphite (Nickle plated, +$100)


    Solder PCB Layout

    Hotswap PCB Layout

    QC Disclaimer: B Stock boards will have visible marks on the keyboard case and/or weight that are visible when built.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    Gorgeous board. It needs a force break mod or case foam to completely eliminate a slight hollowness. But once this is done, I couldn't be more happy to type on it.

    Chris Mack
    CannonKeys are Great!

    This was great throughout the purchase. Cannon keys ensured to keep me updated about my purchase with monthly updates and offered a refund or replacement if parts weren't manufactured correctly. Overall, a really smooth and enjoyable experience.

    Dong Jun Lee
    nice Design but poor QC

    nice Design but poor QC