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Doubleshot keycaps, with a translucent twist. Introducing Domikey Ghost!

Boo! Lonely ghost boy Milo wanders the keyboard realm, looking for a friendly face. Will you be his friend?

GHOST is a spooky semi-translucent grey-on-white double-shot keyset bringing ghastly vibes to your mechanical keyboard.

Manufactured by Domikey, the semi-translucent white outer shot is filled with a clean grey inner shot, its grid pattern faintly visible. For those familiar with Domikey, quality and accurate legends are the name of the game.

Designed by Sailer + Protozoa Studio

Keycap Specs

  • Manufactured by: Domikey
    Process: Doubleshot
    Material: ABS
    Profile: Cherry

Knob Specs

  • Designed by Ecto + Protozoa Studio
  • Standard 18mm diameter fits most knob compatible keyboards
  • Designed to fit 6mm EC-11 encoders
  • Utiilizes Protozoa’s unique swappable design, with no visible screws

Milo Cap Specs

  • 1u escape row
  • Cherry profile
  • Brass with black PVD coating white enamel infill
  • Produced by Protozoa

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The set will run from October 31st to December 1st 11:59 PM EDT.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Matthew Cecconi

    [GB] Domikey Ghost

    Very cute idea, but not ready yet

    Love the translucent layer in this doubleshot keyset, it has a really unique look to it. The sound is slightly better than GMK cherry IMO. However, the legends are wildly inconsistent, to the point that its a little disappointing how low the standards were. Would not recommend this keyset until they can figure out more consistent legends. If I had a high-end build planned with this set, I might even be looking to return it... that's how cheap the insane inconsistency of legends makes this look. Sad cause its a cool idea.