CannonCaps CXA BoW/WoB



CannonCaps CXA BoW/WoB

Designed by CannonKeys

CXA BoW/WoB offers two classic color combinations that you'll find yourself coming back to time and again. In addition to the color versatility, the new CXA profile is similar to a Cherry profile, has comfortable ergonomic spacebars, and offers a fluid typing experience thanks to the sculpted design.

Quality disclaimerThese keycaps may encounter slight variation in the thickness of the legends and sprue marks on the bottom of the keycaps.

Exceptional Value

Experience the CannonKeys advantage first-hand with our NicePBT and CannonCaps keysets. Featuring thick blanks, crisp dyesubbing, aesthetic variety, and reasonable prices that help complete and customize your keyboard builds.

Massively Compatible

Each of our CannonCaps keycap sets is a singular kit, with compatibility for most popular keyboard layouts.


• Manufacturer - CannonCaps
• Keycap Material - Doubleshot ABS/PBT blend
• Keycap Thickness - 1.8mm
• Keycap Profile - CXA
• Novelties - Esc
• Accent Keys - Esc, ANSI Enter, ISO Enter, Numpad Enter, Arrow Keys
• Shifts Included - 1.25u, 1.75u, 2u, 2x 2.25u, 2.75u
• Spacebars Included - 1.25u, 2.25u, 2.75u, 6.25u, 7u
• 40's Support - R3 1u Tab, R3 1.25u Tab, R3 1.75u Enter, R3 1.5u Enter, R2 1.75u Backspace
• ISO Support - None

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Love these!

I love trying out different types of keycap profiles and these are amazing. A great mix of being sculpted and having great feel and spacing when typing. I also had amazing customer support as they had mixed up on giving the wrong extras.


Absolutely love this profile and the quality of these caps, would love to see more colourways!

Sean T
Cannon Caps CXA

These are very nice keycaps, with a very similar feel to cherry profile. Very high quality for the price, and the full set covers nearly any layout that you could need. And the spacebar is by far the most comfortable I've ever used. I got both the white and black, and they interchange very well to give you options for your B/W keys!

Smooth finish, great aesthetics, pleasurable profile

Cannonkeys has fulfilled the demand in the market for cherry height spherical keycaps! Combining the best of both worlds of ABS and PBT, the blend attempts to maintains the clean sound from ABS while reducing the shine from it with the PBT. Currently, I cannot say how well the blend works in regards to the shine, but the sound is definitely cleaner than PBT.

The finish is smooth and is not very chalky like some PBT sets.

Legends are large and legible with little to no inconsistencies identified, spacebars are straight and require no modification.

Compatibility is amazing, even works for 40s and almost fits my 50%

Overall a highly recommended set.

A KAT profile with Double-shot ABS sound

This was purely a purchase based off curiosity. If you like the KAT profile but looking for more clack, this is it. I do hope there are more colorways/themes planned in the future. You don't have to worry about north-facing sockets either. These will fit fine. I also love the added design choice of smoothing out the corner of the space bar. I usually reverse my space bar, but I use the normal orientation with this set.