Wood Bakeneko60, Live Edge Wood & Resin Edition by FNCTL.CO


Resin Color
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Wood Bakeneko60, Live Edge Wood & Resin Edition by Functional.co

A collaboration between CannonKeys & Fnctl.co. Featuring the open source design by kkatano, this special edition Bakeneko60 features wood sourced from the Pacific Northwest, and is hand machined and finished in Seattle.

Every keyboard is unique designed and features a built-in wrist rest, where the live edge wood beautifully meets the resin. 

About the Maker

Fnctl.co is a small business based in Seattle, WA. They create one of a kind functional pieces of art that combines raw nature and modern design.

With their seasoned woodworking techniques and unwavering passion in creating intricate designs, each one of Fnctl.co's pieces are hand picked and crafted to bring you a truly unique experience.

from the workshop to your desk

Hand crafted and finished, a closer look at how this keyboard is brought to life


Variants, Specifications & What's included

Wrist Rest Variants
  • White
  • Lilac
  • Clear


  • 6° typing angle
  • O-ring mount
  • Live edge figured maple
  • African Wenge hardwood for bottom support
  • Ecopoxy deep pour epoxy wrist rest, sanded and coated individually
  • Water resistant finish


  • Dimension: 8x13"
  • Rubio monocoat pure 2c oil + hardener for finishing
What's included


  • Custom Wooden box
  • Custom Authenticity card


  • Wood Bakeneko60
  • Cannonkeys ANSI hotswap PCB
  • FR4 Universal Plate
  • 50-A Silicone O-ring Gasket
  • 4x 2u Cherry Clip-in Stabilizers
  • 1x 6.25u Cherry Clip-in Stabilizers with Cannonkeys Wire

Finely sourced woods

Each keyboard is made with responsibly sourced figured maple from the Pacific Northwest, USA. Each wood slab naturally stacks and air-dries for several years, theng kiln-dried to reach optimal moisture levels. Each keyboard is finished with a durable water-resistant coating.

Resin Wrist Rest

The built-in wrist rest is one of the primary aesthetics of this keyboard and is as natural as they get, where the live edge wood meets the resin. Each slab has been debarked individually by hand before the epoxy pour and milling process.

Custom Authenticity Cards

Each keyboard comes with a personalised emblem, also packed in a beautiful box for safekeeping.

Plate Layout Support

  • Split Backspace
  • Split Right Shift
  • Stepped Capslock


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