CK x Haimu Pastel Lemon Linear Switch



CK x Haimu Pastel Lemon Linear Switch

The Lemon Linear is part of our new Pastel Series with Haimu!

Featuring a POM top, UPE stem, and POM + UPE bottom, the sound signature of this switch is semi-deep-and-muted. Also utilized is a 22mm 63.5g single-stage spring. If you’re looking for a slightly altered version of a full POM switch, these are worth checking out!

Like the color and materials but want to customize the feel and sound? Check out our modding essentials!


• Switch Type - Linear
• Manufacturer - Haimu
• Top Housing Material - POM
• Bottom Housing Material - POM + UPE
• Stem Material - UPE
• Spring Weight - 63.5g single-stage 22mm spring
• Mounting Pins - 5-pin
• Factory Lube - Yes

Mod Your Switches


Our CK Switch films come in both Poron and PC and help reduce wobble and slightly change the sound of your switch!


To view all of our available lube, checkout our Switch Modding Collection!

Switch Pads

Available in Poron, EVA, and PE foam, these fit right ontop of your PCB to change the sound profile of your build!

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great budget switch!

If you likethe WS Morandi switches but want a heavier spring and make it cheaper, but don't care about RGB (yellow changes the hue of each color) then get these. I like these as much as I like my WS Morandi (which are also made by haimu). Additionally, the sound and smoothness are very similar. The only down side imo is that because these are yellow, any color will have more of a yellow hue to it.


Love the color all worked no duds. 10/10 would recommend for a clean thonk

We're so glad you like these brightly colored switches! Enjoy!

Lucas Angam
smooth with a deep sound

i received one of these switches with a recent order. i really love how it feels & sounds. very smooth with a deeper sound profile. will definitely be ordering these in the near future

Raymond Sjoquist
Got a sample, bought a bunch

I had no idea these existed until I was unboxing a recent order and found a small package containing a single cute lemon colored switch and a sticker telling me what it was. Instantly curious, I popped out one of my ride-or-die oil kings to see how this cute yellow guy held up. I was immediately shocked by the smoothness, weighting and most importantly that deep, sultry sound signature. So I bought 4 packs to replace oil kings in two of my 65% boards. Well done CK sending me that one switch, and thank you for turning me on to these little gems. Can't wait to install them.



-hazel lily

Bought these as a birthday gift for my gf’s first keyboard and she loves these so much