CK x Haimu Pastel Azalea Linear Switch



CK x Haimu Pastel Azalea Linear Switch

The Azalea Linear is part of our new Pastel Series with Haimu!

Featuring a POM + UPE top, POM stem, and PA + UPE bottom, the sound signature of this switch is on the higher pitched end of the spectrum. Also utilized is a 22mm 63.5g double-stage spring.

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• Switch Type - Linear
• Manufacturer - Haimu
• Top Housing Material - POM + UPE
• Bottom Housing Material - PA + UPE
• Stem Material - POM
• Spring Weight - 63.5g double stage 22mm spring
• Mounting Pins - 5-pin
• Factory Lube - Yes

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Our CK Switch films come in both Poron and PC and help reduce wobble and slightly change the sound of your switch!


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Switch Pads

Available in Poron, EVA, and PE foam, these fit right ontop of your PCB to change the sound profile of your build!

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review

Got these in the Winter 2024 Mystery Bakeneko bundle; feel like I got my $10 worth. Would call them mid-pitched more than high-pitched, personally-- they're lower than stuff like KTT Rose/Kang White, for example --and I'd enthusiastically recommend them to people who like the classic PC/Nylon combo, just with a bit less contrast between top-and-bottoming-out sounds.

Stem wobble, scratch, and leaf/spring ping are pretty good in my batch too, imo. Not the best I've seen in regards to any of those things but solidly above-average for 34-cent switches. No sticky feeling downstrokes or mid-actuation noises I can hear with everything installed in the Bakeneko.

We are so happy to hear you like them! We think they are a fantastic value!