Zoom75 Keyboard Wired Edition


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Meletrix Zoom75 - Ultra Customizable, ultra affordable.

The Zoom75 by Meletrix is their latest installment in the Zoom Series of keyboards. This time, they are taking customizability and features to the next level. Zoom75 wired edition has three different options for top right configurations. Two 1U keys, 1U key with knob, and badge. The OLED module is not compatible with the wired PCB.

If you would like to customize your Zoom75 more, and see all available options, please see the main listing.


This is the wired version, which is available in two configuration: White with E-White knob and weight, and Black with anodized black knob and weight.

This kit includes the following

  • White or Black alu top and bottom case
  • Matching alu knob and weight
  • SS PVD Backplate
    • White version gets silver PVD
    • Black version gets black PVD
  • Knob Module and flexible flat cable
  • Wired PCB (No RGB, QMK and VIA Compatible)
  • PC Plate
  • Gasket Sleeves
  • Set of WS V3 TPU Stabilizers
  • Battery Foam
  • Coiled USB-C Cable
  • Poron Dampener Kit
  • Silicone feet
  • Screws and assembly hardware