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Zoom65 V2

Introducing the Meletrix Zoom65 V2 - the newest keyboard in the Zoom Series. This revised version features a glass backplate, external weight, knob, bluetooth, and RGB.

Available during this in-stock sale are 14 case colors and 9 weight/knob colors and finishes. A superbly customizable feature full keyboard at an approachable price.

Full Keyboard Details

Kit Contents
  • Aluminum top & bottom case
  • Aluminum or SS external weight
  • Glass backplate in the same color as the case
  • Aluminum/brass rotary knob matching the external weight
  • Hot-swap, multi-layout Bluetooth/VIA PCB with per-key RGB.
  • Daughterboard/JST cable
  • Polycarbonate plate
  • Gasket Sleeves
  • Set of WS Stabilizers V3
  • Li-ion battery
  • Coiled USB-C cable
  • Poron Dampener kit
  • Silicone keyboard feet
  • Screws and other hardware/accessories
  • Keyboard case
  • Gasket mount
  • 65% Layout
  • PCB: 1.2mm with unified C3 daughterboard
  • 6.5° Typing angle
  • 2mm front height
  • Aluminum case finish - upgraded electrostatic finish (most colors), nano coated (GT Silver only)
  • PC Plate included
  • Bluetooth PCB
  • 1000hz polling rate in wired mode
  • The bottom of all cases is sparkling black, which is covered by the included glass backplate.
Keyboard Weight
  • Aluminum weight with glass backplate - unbuilt weight of 1.35 kg
  • PVD SS weight with glass backplate - unbuilt weight of 1.64kg
  • Aluminum weight with PVD backplate - unbuilt weight of 1.44 kg
  • PVD SS weight with PVD backplate - unbuilt weight of 1.73 kg
  • Internal SS weight - 0.234 kg (In addition to keyboard weight)

Available Addons

We are pleased to be offering several addons to customize your Zoom65 V2! Backplates, foam, VIA compatible Bluetooth PCBs, knobs, weights, plates, and more!

Customer Reviews

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Love the keyboard!!!


Very nice and stable. It should have options for plates though


Great keyboard

Eric Johnson
Zoom 65 v2 & Cannonkeys

The Zoom 65 v2 is my first mechanical keyboard build. I wanted something 65% and quiet that was wireless with RGB. I could not be happier with this purchase. The keyboard is very VERY quiet when using the Haimu Heartbeat Silent Linear Switch (available from Cannonkeys.com). When I unboxed the Zoom 65 v2, the bottom glass plate had been cracked in shipping. I notified Cannonkeys, and they sent a replacement immediately! I did change the switches to Gamakay Pegasus switches (sorry Cannonkeys) as I was looking for a little bump with slightly more resistance. The result is perfection for me. My only complaint is with the Meletrix instructions. The build guide is decent, but it would have been amazing to have instructions related to how to use the keyboard once built. It took me forever to learn how to adjust RGB settings, how to turn the keyboard on and off, and how to pair multiple devices simultaneously, all of which could have been documented in the instructions. This would have enhanced the experience significantly. Side note: I am using a Mac, and for whatever reason, Via is not working with the keyboard, so manual configuration instructions are ESSENTIAL. That is my only gripe, and I couldn't be happier overall with the keyboard now that it's all set up!


Solid keyboard. Green and PVD silver is gorgeous.