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The Balance Keyboard by CannonKeys

The Balance is a complex FRL-1800 with a knob designed by Upas to fill a gap within the keyboard hobby. The name Balance comes from the way the keyboard appears to balance on the back accent of the keyboard. Here is some background on the keyboard, as told by Upas:

One of my favorite keyboards to use is the Cypher - but when I use it, I really do miss having a knob to control volume and media. For that reason, even when doing tasks that are better suited for a numpad, I find myself using my Satisfaction75 quite frequently. This board was meant to fill that gap for me, while also playing with a new interesting side profile, considering two-tone color as a first-class design element, and integrating gasket mounting.


  • Typing angle: 5.5°
  • Case Material: Aluminum
  • Mounting system: Poron gasket isolation sandwich mount
  • Front height: ~15.7mm (without feet)
  • PCB: Designed by Upas (with assistance from Ender) using STM32, with some ESD protection. Paired with the ai03 unified daughterboard. QMK & VIA compatible PCB. Solder only.
  • Plates: Black aluminum as standard, with FR4, PC and brass as optional extras
  • Knob: Alps encoder, CannonKeys knob comes stock, specifics below. Extra knobs in different materials and colors available.
  • Weight: 1.6kg unbuilt (est.)

Kit Contents

  • Keyboard top, bottom, top left accent, top right accent, bottom accent piece
  • Black aluminum plate
  • Balance PCB (USB-C, ESD Production)
  • Unified C3 Daughterboard and JST Cable
  • ALPS Encoder
  • CannonKeys Logo Knob
  • Poron Gaskets
  • Rubber feet (bumpon compatible)
  • Foam Carrying Case
  • Microfiber Cloth

Colors available

  • Navy top/Silver bottom, Silver top accent/Navy bottom accent, Silver CK knob*
  • Grey top/Lilac bottom, Lilac top accent/Grey bottom accent, Silver CK knob
  • Black top/Silver bottom, Silver top accent/Black bottom accent, Silver CK knob
  • (+$20) E-white top/Gold Alu bottom, Brass top accent, E-white bottom accent, Gold PVD brass CK knob

*In the images the navy version has a gold top accent. the group buy version will have a silver top accent.

The black/silver and white/gold versions are shown as renders and will vary slightly from what is shown.

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This keyboard and addons are also being sold by Wuque Studio. Check out their listing here.


Exploded View

PCB Compatibility

Universal Plate Compatibility

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Customer Reviews

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Wyatt C.
Cannonkeys Balance

Considering the amount of time I waited for this board, I expected nothing less than what I got! The Balance was my first build and I genuinely couldn’t be happier. I began to worry before receiving the board if I would have enough desk space for the board itself but the size of the board and and functionality of it as a whole is perfect! Plus, the carrying case it came with is extremely convenient for when I happen to be traveling with the board. Absolutely in love with it :)