Malicious Ergo

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Malicious Ergo

The Malicious Ergo CNC aluminum keyboard in our Brutalist Series of in stock keyboards. The solderable PCB included is QMK/VIA supported and USB-C, and the mounting style is a slightly modified top mount called Burger Mount. Burger Mount takes the evenness from top mount and uses o-rings on the mounting screws to make the typing experience slightly less harsh.

Just add keycaps, stabilizers, and switches for a complete build!

What's Included

• Malicious Ergo aluminum keyboard
• Black FR4 plate
• Malicious Ergo solderable PCB
• CannonKeys hard foam carrying case
• CannonKeys white microfiber cloth
• Hardware
• Bumpons
• Polyfill

What you need

• 71-72 Switches depending on layout
• 5x2u stabilizers
• Compatible Keycaps

Customize your build

Layout Support

PCB Support

Plate Support

Photos Disclaimer

We use photos of our products in hand when possible to show how they look in realistic situations. Sometimes the product might look different within the same listing- this is generally caused by different lighting conditions. When possible, we try to use different lighting conditions to show what the product might look like in different scenarios.

Quality Disclaimer

The Malicious Ergo is a board aimed to stay within a budget, and maintain affordability. It's fully aluminum and anodized beautifully, but to achieve this price point, the quality bar is lower than some of our more "premium line" boards, such as the Satisfaction75 and Chimera65. Customers have been happy with the quality of the Brutal-line boards, but we like to communicate this prior to purchase.

In general, large defects to visible faces will make a board B stock. But minor issues, small issues that are only visible in just the right angle of lighting, or small dents or blemishes on the bottom of the case that are not visible when the keyboard is fully built and on the desk will not cause a B stock evaluation.

Keyboard cases that ship with keyboards are meant to protect keyboards during shipping. These keyboard cases are made to order to fit the keyboard precisely, and are limited in quantity. As such, we do not replace keyboard cases if the keyboard case arrives damaged. Ideally, no keyboard carrying case arrives damaged, but at times, couriers are rough with packages and damages can occur. In these instances, we offer customers a $5 coupon off their next order as compensation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews

Best Alice Board of All time iMo

Ryan H.
Satisfyingly chunky

This board is a satisfyingly heavy pedestal of aluminum with a thick chamfer with smooth corners up to a pedestal. Sounds great, feels great, nice colors. Great price for an in-stock Arisu.

Very nice, solid ergo

Alice-style keyboard options have grown this past year, and I’ve tried many of them. I prefer when there’s a windows key like on keychron’s Alice but the malicious ergo has so much more heft and with an amazing finish, it’s definitely the one I like most. Only issue is the case ping; the included pollyfill doesn’t do much to fix it but it’s not difficult to get creative and fix it yourself

matthew schmidt
Fantastic ergo board

Picked this up on the Black Friday sale for a great deal, paired it with NicePBT Type 6 for a flawless look. By far my favourite board so far, despite my, ahem, *struggles* building it. Only issue I had with it was that the case was pretty pingy, even with the polyfill. I ended up cutting my own plate "foam" from craft felt and it really eliminated most of the pinging. I did the same for case "foam" as well, and it sounds pretty good now. Also love the 3 keys on the left side as well as the right, something that most alice boards don't have. Been my daily driver since I got it in November and have nothing negative to say about it! Also it has a lot of heft to it which is amazing. Pretty solid option for an alice board, especially during the Black Friday sale then it's a crazy deal.

James C
Affordable Arisu

Really love the quality of this board. A nice weighty aluminum case and the anodizing looks fantastic. Been a huge fan of Alice layouts for awhile now, and this one is definitely up there among my favorites. The second right-hand B key is nice to have, and having two side clusters is an interesting (and appreciated) design choice. My only complaint is that there isn't a hotswap PCB option, which would've been nice. Would personally also like to see more case color options (especially white). Overall this is a solid option if you're interested in an Arisu layout and don't mind soldering.