Unified Daughterboard and JST Cable


Unified Daughterboard and JST Cable

Each order will contain 1x Unified Daughterboard and 1x JST cable. They are not sold separately.

The Unified Daughterboard is an open source project with numerous contributors, but spearheaded by ai03. It is used in the vast majority of keyboards with a daughterboard, including the Bakeneko60.


  • ESD Protection
  • USB-C
  • JST 4-pin cable length is approximately 165mm
  • Compatible with Bakeneko60, Bakeneko65, J-02, Atlas, and most keyboards that use the same daughterboard.

*Note: The JST cable should be handled with care. Any kinks can cause connection issues. This goes for the JST header on the daughterboard itself, please be careful with inserting and removing the cable.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Works great!

USB-C got ripped off my old one. This replacement was really handy. Not a lot of vendors carry this item but it can definitely save a keyboard.

Best Unified Daughterboard Out there

I accidentally ripped my original daughterboard because it was my first time building a board that uses one. But the quality is great and highly recommend you get a extra one if you are clumsy like me.

Vincent Tran
The connector was broken

Upon arrival the connector was broken and bent the PCB pins I’m getting a replacement currently so this is subject to change.