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Bakeneko60 PCB

The Bakeneko60 PCB is a 60% keyboard PCB that is both QMK and VIA compatible out of the box. This PCB is available in solderable and hotswap versions.

Form Factor 60%
USB Port
No, requires daughterboard and JST cable
QMK/VIA Compatibility Yes, pre-flashed (ARM STM32F072 Processor)
Solder or Hotswap Solder and hotswap
Works In Bakeneko60, J-02
RGB/LED Compatible with single color per-key LEDs. (Solder version only)


PCB Layout Compatibility


Solder PCB layout support:

[Bakeneko60] Extra PCBs Solder

Hotswap PCB layout support:

[Bakeneko60] Extra PCBs Hotswap