Our version of the Bakeneko65 features a few key changes from kkatano's original design: We closed the bottom holes, added cutouts to the plate (to allow for assembly removal), and modified the case to be made using a casting process. We also designed our own PCBs (hotswap & solder) with multiple layout support.

Just add keycaps and switches for a complete build! Our Build Guide will help you build this kit from start to finish. For added comfort, pair your Bakeneko with a wooden wrist rest.

New Finishes


New consistent finish with texture!


Second version of our Next-Gen finish, with glitter added for a sparkle effect.


Third version of our Next-Gen finish, utilizing a multi-coat technique to apply a smooth pearlescent clear coat over the base color.

Layout Support

PCB Support

Plate Support

NicePBT Bakeneko Keysets

Our high quality NicePBT keycaps now in a Bakeneko sized package! Available with no accent colors as well as Black, Grey, Lavender, Blush, Blue, and Navy accents. Purchase with any of our Bakeneko lineup and receive 15% off the keycap set with code BAKENEKO-CAPS!

Budget Price, Endgame Feel

Originally designed by kkatano, the Bakeneko65 is an open-source keyboard featuring an o-ring gasket. An o-ring between the plate and PCB provides friction to hold the plate/PCB assembly in the one-piece case. Cutouts on the PCB allow the o-ring to rest on the mounting points built into the case. The result is a bouncy typing feel with a great sound profile

Customize Your Build

Several addons are available including different types of o-rings, wrist rests, and PCBs!

What's Included

• Bakeneko65 Cast Aluminum Case with Zinc Weight or Silicone
• CannonKeys Custom Foam Carrying Case (Black)
• 50A Silicone O-Ring Gasket
• FR4 Universal Plate
• CannonKeys ANSI Layout Hotswap PCB with cool white per key LED
• C3 Unified Daughterboard (with ESD protection) and JST Cable
• Microfiber Cloth
• (3) 2u Cherry Clip-in Stabilizers, (1) 6.25u Cherry Clip-in Stabilizer with CannonKeys Wire. Due to the mounting style of this keyboard, screw in stabilizers are not supported on backspace and space.
• Custom Bumpon-compatible Silicone Feet


• 65% o-ring gasket mounted keyboard
• FR4 universal plate
• CannonKeys hotswap PCB with ANSI layout
(Solder PCB addon available)
• 6 degree typing angle
• 590g unbuilt without weight, 910g unbuilt with weight

Quality Disclaimer

In order to allow us a quicker cadence of restocks and keep the price low, our Bakeneko60 uses a casting process. Please reference the quality guide below on what you can expect for surface finish quality with the Bakeneko60.

We use photos of our products in hand when possible to show how they look in realistic situations. Sometimes the product might look different within the same listing- this is generally caused by different lighting conditions. When possible, we try to use different lighting conditions to show what the product might look like in different scenarios.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Love my first mechkeeb

I chose the Bakeneko65 in dark green as my first mechanical keyboard and I absolutely love it. I paired it with Gecko silent linear switches and the NicePBT BoW keycaps with moss accents.

So Nice I Bought it Twice

I had a Bakeneko65 Whitish a little while back and I loved it. I bought it second hand and sold it to try another board. I loved having it so much that once I was able to, I bought another one in the Flash Gray color. Easily one of my favorite boards that I've owned and I don't think that I will be letting go of this one anytime soon. Super easy to build and well worth the price. Punches way above the price point. A little bummed that I bought mine before the NG Red was released but I am still very happy with the new gray color and texture. I 100% recommend this board.

Ryan Blizzard
Great Keyboard at a great price!

Great Keyboard. Though it came w blank firmware it flashed easy, and worked perfectly after. Will be buying more from Cannon.

We're glad you're enjoying GMK Birch! We love the addition of the blue spacebar as well~

pol bosch
The best keyboard for its price AND better than a tofu

I really like how this keyboard sound and feels with some jwk blacks and it's really easy to build. For 150$ you got a really good aluminium case, pcb, plate, a silicone weight, stabilizers and a carrying case which is amazing, my only problem is that if you are from Europe like me, you'll have to pay a lot for the shipping and customs and even paying that I think it's better than a tofu60 which I can buy paying less for shipping and no customs.

Amazing first step into the rabbit hole

If you've been considered jumping in, the Bakeneko is amazing starting point. Behind the simple facade and amazing build quality is a keyboard that has history in it's development. It is a wonderful starting off point of something familiar but exciting and if you follow the strings back into the past you can find some wonderful stories of how it came to be. The Bakeneko's ease of use allows you to use it as a test board for mods and configurations you want to try out without spending time **** and unscrewing.

5/5 from me, fantastic beginner and learning setup.