Cherry Clip-in Stabilizers

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These are stabilizers using genuine Cherry Clip-in housings, used to stabilize the longer keys on your keyboard.

2U stabilizers are available with silver wires, sourced from Cherry.

6.25U and 7U stabilizers in the kit are using black wires designed to meet cherry spec by CannonKeys.

These stabilizers come as PCB mount clip-in only.

Black wires are also available standalone for purchase here.

A Standard 60% board typically needs 4x 2u stabilizers and 1x 6.25u stabilizer (ANSI). A Tsangan/HHKB/WKL 60% board needs 4x 2u stabilizer and 1x 7u stabilizer. A full sized board typically needs 7x 2u stabilizers and 1x 6.25 or 7u stabilizer.

*Note: Sometimes wires arrive slightly bent, before installation, please make sure to check and make sure your wires are at a 90-degree angle prior to installation.