Three weeks ago, we took a significant step toward improving our customer service experience with the launch of our support widget. In that announcement, we shared that this was only the beginning, and promised further improvements to come.

Today, we would like to introduce our next big step - the brand-new CannonKeys Self-Service system, a project written by Upas and ai03. Let’s take a look at its current features!


Address Changes at Any Hour

The star of the show is the automatic address changing system - for any of your orders, you can submit a shipping address change with only a few clicks.

  • Any address change within the same state or region will happen automatically - say goodbye to writing lengthy emails or waiting for ticket replies. An address change at midnight or on the weekend? No problem at all: the self-service system will be there at your command, regardless of the hour from the convenience of your phone or computer.
  • For longer distance address changes beyond a single state or region, the self-service system will automatically generate a support ticket; no more need to go hunting for the info to fill one out. Just double-check the contents and hit submit - the ticket will be logged into our queue with a high priority for quick responses and resolution.



The Info Index

Whether you’ve misplaced your order emails or have a complex order with multiple changes and edits, the self-service system displays all of your past orders in a single spot with detailed histories.

In addition, your address book can be managed from the same spot - edit and delete your delivery options at any time.




Improving Your Experiences

Before the launch of the self-service system, nearly 30% of our support tickets were address changes. We admit that the experience was not amazing by any stretch - having to send in a support email, wait for confirmation, and stressfully watch the inbox for up to two days is not something anyone wants to experience.

The self-service system not only allows you to skip the stress, but also gives us the ability to improve other initiatives - this will reflect back into the quality of the support we can give back to you for other requests.


Looking Forward

Although perhaps simple to start, we are working on expanding the self-service system with other features to manage your orders at will - we expect stress-free order cancellations and edit requests to show up in the near future.

As always, thank you for your incredible support.

-The CannonKeys Team

April 01, 2022 — Sungmin Joh