We want to do our part to make keycaps more accessible.

This hobby wouldn’t be where it is without its passionate members supporting community designs through group buys. While this model doesn’t look likely to change soon, Covid has made some pain points, well, more painful. I think we can all agree that waiting 18 months or longer for a keycap set is a poor customer experience and takes the wind out of our sails.

For many, GMK keycaps represent the cream of the crop, and we’ll continue to support community-driven designs through them.

But we also think we can create a better experience for our customers.

NicePBT by CannonKeys

NicePBT by CannonKeys are PBT dye-sublimated keycaps, with reverse dye-sub capabilities (lighter text on darker keys), featuring a Cherry keycap profile with GMK-style legends. PBT has some advantages over ABS, such as durability and resistance to shine. 

We’ve been working hard to bring NicePBT to market, and we’ve experienced some setbacks. Unfortunately, the design of our first NicePBT keyset leaked to overseas resellers, creating confusion and misinformation. This was a tremendous learning experience in understanding how to secure and strengthen the relationships with our suppliers and factories, and reinforced our commitment to bring more in-stock keycaps to CannonKeys.

Our next NicePBT set will be priced at $60. In stock at less than half the price of recent GMK group buys. And we aren’t stopping.

We’re thrilled to share these cost savings, and we’re just getting started! NicePBT is still a work in progress, but our factory has committed to working with us in continuing to drive the quality higher, and as we grow together, bring the price down.

Calling keycap designers!

Would you like to run a NicePBT set with us? Please reach out here!

The CannonKeys Team is continuing to work hard to make our hobby more accessible, and we’re excited to share what’s next!

August 06, 2021 — Ana Oliveira