We are pleased to be working with Moomin and designer Rensuya to bring you an officially licensed GMK keycap set and deskmats. This set has been in the works since 2019, and we are excited to finally be talking about it!

For the uninitiated, The Moomin written works and television shows are about the Moomin family of trolls who live in Moominvalley. Throughout the series, the main character Moomintroll goes on several adventures with his friends. While Moomintroll always has good intentions, he finds himself getting into trouble quite often! To designer Rensuya, Moomin is a near and dear childhood show, reminding them of a comfortable time in life. We hope you can find comfort within this mellow-colored keyset as well.

GMK Moomin

The set consists of a collection of custom soft colors chosen to best represent Moominvalley and the characters that inhabit it. Color samples have already been sent to Rensuya to allow for a head start on color matching. 

GMK Moomin samples

Left: Color samples provided by GMK.
Right: Colors chosen to represent the keycap set.

Several kits will be offered with this GMK keycap set, including novelties with select Moomin characters and subjects from the show. We hope this set can bring you back to your childhood while still fitting within modern themes.

GMK Moomin Novs

To Moomin fans who might not be as familiar with GMK keycap sets, here is a brief explanation about the buying process, as well as what to expect:

GMK is the manufacturer of this keycap set and is known for its high quality keycap sets. GMK uses doubleshot ABS plastic to produce its keycaps. Doubleshot keycaps have two distinct colors of plastic injected into a mold to give incredibly crisp legends. GMK is based in Germany, where all of its keycaps are made.

GMK keycap example

On the left is the underside of a GMK keycap. Note the distinction between the two different colored plastics. On the right is the top of the keycap. Note the crisp legend and color consistency.

The keycaps will be sold via a group buy. Simply put, a group buy is a pre-order that has a MOQ (minimum order quantity). This means if the MOQ is not met, it is not made. However, the vendor(s) also can buy the rest of the keycaps themselves should MOQ not be met. These vendor-purchased sets are then later sold as in-stock extras.

We hope to see you all in Moominvalley on July 18th, 2021.

For more information, images, and updates, please checkout Rensuya's IC page on GeekHack.


Thank you for your support,

The CannonKeys Team

July 07, 2021 — Jack Vachon