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In the heart of Beijing, behind the forbidden city, there is a small lake...

Designed by Grundlemere, this set is their take on the hidden lake where the ancient, modern, and futuristic all live side by side: Houhai 后海 (pron. HOH-high). 

Bright legends and sublegends enveloped by a hazy gray backdrop set the stage for this keycap set based on the hidden Beijing lake. With multiple base kits sporting either simplified Chinese sublegends or Traditional Chinese sublegends, this set will transport you to the nightlife that accompanies Houhai. Multiple child kits are also available, including novelties designed in collaboration with Grundlemere's sibling, Maho.

Available Kits

  • 燕京 Yānjīng (Capital of Swallows) - Simplified Chinese Base Kit
  • 琉璃廠 Liúlíchăng (Culture Street) - Traditional Chinese Base Kit
  • 小吃 Xiăochī (Little Snacks) - Novelties Kit
  • 笔顺 Bĭshùn (Stroke Order) - Cangjie Monolegend Alphas Kit
  • 太空人 Tàikōngrén (Taikonaut) - Spacebars Kit

We are also running two deskmats with the same theme as this keyset!

The set will run from August 1st to September 1st 11:59 PM EDT.

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