Designed by dededecline


GB September 12th to October 3rd


The DD-40 by dededecline is a 12.75u wide gasket mounted 40% keyboard with an RGB LED strip sandwiched between the macro-column and main alpha cluster. Both WKL and HHKB top cases will be available, and the seamed design allows for a two-tone case via available extra tops.

The kit will be $265 for anodized colors, and $280 for E-White.


From the designer
"This board is my ideal for a staggered 40% keyboard layout. The 12.75u main cluster gives me the right amount of punctuation and keys to do everything I want without an abundance of layers, while also reducing hand travel as I type. I wanted to include a macro column both for additional flair and as a display piece for artisan keycaps. I thought the LED strip would also serve as a nice visual piece and an homage to one of the board's primary inspirations, the TMO50.

The case design involves some of my favorite design elements in modern keyboards - sharp edges and a two-tone aesthetic. I think the ability to mix and match colors unlocks a lot of potential for theming and photography and is visually appealing, but also optional for those who want a more minimal color palette."

Mounting System

The DD-40 uses a 6-point gasket mount.

The 6-point gasket system was chosen to give some slight muting that would not necessarily come from a top-mount. Additionally, the position of the mounting points were meticulously chosen in order to give the keyboard an exceptional level of consistency in both sound and feel.

Layouts and Specs


• 6-Point gasket tab
• CNC aluminum case
• Black aluminum plate
• 4° typing angle
• Solderable pcb with daughterboard
• RGB lightbar
• Polyfill
• Colors: E-White, Black, Navy, Crimson


Planned Extras

• Extra WKL and HHKB aluminum tops
• Extra CF, FR4, and POM plates
• Extra PCBs
• Extra gaskets

Coming Soon...

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